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Free to roam with our custom Step-Thru’s, Dutchies and Single Speed bikes.

We really got it right with our take on the classic European bicycle, light, fast and easy to ride. In fact we created Vino Velo’s custom fleet of about town and light touring bicycles. 8 delightful, custom colours influenced by the wonderful Vespa scooter, and exclusively available only to Vino Velo, We’ve painted, detailed, racked, and comfy-saddled this fleet fleet of Shimano Nexus 3-speed and 7-speed machines.

Five sizes ensure you’re fitted properly, comfortable and a safe rider. Unique to Vino Velo is the Petite Step-Thru ……. a delight for smaller riders.

and remember, Leave your purchases in the winery, let us know, and we’re happy to pick them up for you – much safer this way so shop away! A complimentary service. 

Additional information

RIder Height/BIke Size145cm-155cm, 155-165cm, 165cm-175cm, 175cm+, Less than 145cm
Bike StyleMens Frame, Step-Thru Frame