Vino Velo Guided Niagara Tours

Take me by the hand and show me the world-class wineries, organic farms, litterless picnics, and views Niagara-on-the-Lake is known for!

The Tours


3 Wineries and a Picnic Tour: 15-20km

Roll through Wine country in style as You visit 3 Award winning wineries for tastings and have

The Bench Tour: 15-30km

Carved by glaciers a long time ago, the bench is world famous for it's frost proof vineyards.

Be'Spoke Couple's Tour: 20km

The ultimate tour for couples! looking for a later start to their day and wish to savour

Touring with a guide leaves all the planning to us, and what a plan we have! With the very best and safest routes selected, we’ll visit 4 wineries from the micro to the mega, and enjoy their hospitality and sampling. One of the Estates welcomes us with a delicious picnic, too! Enjoy lunch created by one of our local chefs and eateries: exquisite AND litterless, and respectful of all food sensitivities.

Departure (and return) from Vino Velo with your bicycle and helmet which is all included.

For private groups, leaving and returning from your accommodations is easy, just let us know where your staying!

Leave your purchases in the winery, and we’re happy to pick them up for you – much safer this way so shop away! A complimentary service. 

Private touring is certainly available, and just requires a minimum of 5 riders.
Special occasion celebrations like birthdays and bachelorette parties are better when they’re private affairs!
As are Corporate Event Tours, which are almost always customized to the riders request.

also...Check out our Self Guided Tours


Lakeshore Road Bike Tour: 10-15km

A little less congested, this beautiful self-guided tour cruises through ancient fruit lands and visits 3 stellar wineries: Hinterbrook Estate Vineyard,

The Niagara Parkway Bike Tour: 12-18km

  Our most scenic self-guided ride gets you travelling to Marynissen Estates Winery, Reif Estates Winery, and Riverview Estates Winery.

The Food Fondo : 15-20km

Self Guided Riders let's go! A German Fruit Grower, A French Cheesemonger, a Hungarian Baker, and an Italian Gelatto Chef.