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Fixie + Single Speed Bicycle

This little single speed is the perfect bike for commuting, recreation, and everything in between. This premium equipped single speed is light, strong and guaranteed to keep riding for years and years.

Forever Road E-Bike

The super sleek and ultra lightweight Forever Electric Road Bikes is equipped with an integrated 8.7Ah battery hidden inside the down tube and a 250w rear hub motor.


Customized KHS Grit: 2×8 to 1×11 Gravel King!

A fully ground up rebuild of this great gravel bike, the bike is new, hopped up with high quality components and ready to hit the gravel!

LochSide Single Speed

Ride the original bicycle: classic geometry, fixed drivetrain, single speed, and a radial speed rim to boot! Upgrade and put a Vintage Kit on: brass-coloured wheels, airless tires, retro bar tape and brass-tack saddle.

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Mini-Cargo Single Speed 50cm

One of our favourite builds ever! A little tiny all-powerful cargo hauler! This 50cm flat bar single speed is custom assembled in house by Vino Velo. Going Shopping? Well this little cutie will carry it all for you.. Only one of it’s kind..

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Red Cargo Single Speed 54cm

When is a bike more than a bike? When it can carry tons of stuff! This custom red single speed will never let You down, with Tannus Airless Tires you’ll never get a flat tire, the custom front rack, flat bars and almost eternal lasting steel frame will have you cruising around town with ease and style.

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Single Speed Road Bike 50cm

Want the best of both worlds? How about this tiny darling, half single speed, half road bike. Drop bars with Road Bike brake levers with the simplicity and super light weight of a single speed. This is the perfect bike for all kinds of riding, including light touring or commuting. 50cm Frame.

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Single Speed/Airless Tires

This fixed gear Vino Velo Edition Regal is definitely for someone with a passion for Adrenaline. Custom Built from ground up with Tannus Airless Tires and a racing saddle.

The Vino Velo “ONE”







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Vino Velo Regal Premium Single Speed Bicycle

Santa, Relax! WE HAVE BIKES IN STOCK! Our ultra smooth single speed bicycles custom built by Vino Velo in co-operation with Regal Bikes. All bikes are brand new, assembled in house, and ready to ride out or get reboxed with minimal assembly required. Ho Ho Ho!