Foodie Bike Tours

3 Wineries and a Patio

By far our most popular Guided Winery Bicycle Tour in Niagara. Roll down country roads visiting 3 lovely wineries for tastings with a patio lunch.

Le Grand Tourisimo

This route has it all! A Craft Brewer, a New Distillery, a Country Cidery, and a Classy Winery.

“I falafel my bike..olive the time!”

The perfect date! A flite of tastings, a craft brewer, a romantic Greek picnic lakeside and a bit of dessert to get you back to base.

Food Fondo

Europe is just around the lake, A German Fruit Grower, A French Cheesemonger, a Hungarian Baker, and an Italian Gelatto Chef.

3 Bakeries on 1 Bike!

Visit three very special places and find one of their specialties waiting for you when you arrive at each one.