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Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Touring with a guide leaves all the planning to us, and what a plan we have! With the very best and safest routes selected, we’ll visit 4 wineries from the micro to the mega, and enjoy their hospitality and sampling. One of the Estates welcomes us with a delicious picnic, too! Enjoy lunch created by one of our local chefs and eateries: exquisite AND litterless, and respectful of all food sensitivities.

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Private Guided Group Tours

Private Guided Group Tours

Private touring is certainly available and just requires a minimum of 5 riders. Special occasion celebrations like birthdays and bachelorette parties are better when they’re private affairs! As are Corporate Event Tours, which are always customized to the riders request.

What’s my day look like? Well…….. that’s up to you! Here’s a sample itinerary, but feel free to pick a different time and place to leave and return to (like your accommodations), number of and wineries visited, new/unsteady riders, etc. and we’ll build your custom tour.

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Self Guided Tours

Self Guided Tours

Self-Guided Touring provides the freedom of renting a bicycle and going where you want, with a semi-structured route and great places to visit. Each route is built with a priority on rider safety and use of quieter country roads and bikes paths. Departure (and return) from Vino Velo with your bicycle, helmet, lock, map & tasting passport which is all included.

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Niagara Lakeshore Self Guided Tour

This beautiful self-guided tour cruises through ancient fruit lands close to Lake Ontario and visits 3 stellar wineries.

3 Wineries and a Patio

By far our most popular Guided Winery Bicycle Tour in Niagara. Roll down country roads visiting 3 lovely wineries for tastings with a patio lunch.

“I falafel my bike..olive the time!”

The perfect date! A flite of tastings, a craft brewer, a romantic Greek picnic lakeside and a bit of dessert to get you back to base.

Le Grand Tourisimo

This route has it all! A Craft Brewer, a New Distillery, a Country Cidery, and a Classy Winery.

3 wineries and a Picnic

By far our most popular Guided Winery Bicycle Tour in Niagara. Roll down country roads visiting 3 lovely wineries for tastings with a picturesque picnic lunch.

Niagara Parkway Self Guided Tour

Our most scenic self-guided ride gets you travelling to Josephs, Lailey, and Peller Estate Vineyards.

3 Bakeries on 1 Bike!

Visit three very special places and find one of their specialties waiting for you when you arrive at each one.

Food Fondo

Europe is just around the lake, A German Fruit Grower, A French Cheesemonger, a Hungarian Baker, and an Italian Gelatto Chef.